Why we need a 4-day work week

Work. Full-time. Monday to Friday. 9 to 5. Ring a bell?

There has been minimal attention given to the long amount of hours we work. Work-stress and burnout isn’t going away. We now have less time than ever for our personal life, and stress levels are at an all-time high.

The 5-day work week was invented back in the 18th century (yes, really). It was based on the idea that we needed 8-hours work, 8-hours rest and 8-hours play.

The miracle of technology promised us we would get more done in less time, and flexible working arrangements promised us that work-family conflict would be a thing of the past. So why hasn’t the working week adapted to this modern society we live in?

Let me propose to you *drumroll* the 4-day work week. A 3-day weekend. An extra day to get your haircut, to pick your kids up from school, to read a book, to take care of yourself. If you had no barriers (think finances, workload, lifestyle) would you work a 4-day week?

As part of Simone’s Honours Degree, she is researching the 4-day work week. If you would like to contribute to this study by participating in a short survey (going live August 2020), send Simone a message via the contact box, facebook page ‘Career Planning and Resumes with Simone’, or email

Take care and chat soon xo

so tired. much work.


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