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Is career planning for me?

Career planning can assist those:

  • Unhappy in their current job

  • Wanting to develop in their current job

  • Returning to the workforce; gap years, maternity leave, injury

  • Students entering the workforce

Simone will tailor the 45-minute session to your needs.

When are where is Simone available?

Simone's services are available Australia-wide via a mix of phone-calls, SMS, Zoom, email and in-person. It all depends on your locality, what you are comfortable with and your commitments. Simone understands life is busy and is flexible with meeting times, including after normal business hours.

What red flags indicate my resumé is outdated?

Send your resumé through to Simone to freshen up if it is:

  • Labelled 'CV' or 'Curriculum Vitae'

  • Just a white word document with times new roman/arial font 

  • Including your full street address or your date of birth

  • Stating 'references available on request'

  • It's longer than four pages

  • It is very repetitive

I have an interview next week.
How can I prepare for it?

Book in for an interview session with Simone. Over 45-minutes you’ll practice questions relevant to your industry and be provided with rehearsal feedback. Simone understands nerves can make it easy to forget what happened during an interview, so you’re provided with a script summarising the session that you can re-read and reflect on in your own time.

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