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Simone Maree Career Consulting provides Australia-wide, affordable career planning services and support

Contact Simone today for advice on how she can tailor support for you or your business 

•  Provides tailored support and advice to each client based on their specific needs, goals and career stage;

•  One on one support for individuals looking to take a career step into a first job, a new role or promotion;

•  Those needing help with the right step after an extended period out of the workforce due to parental leave, redundancy, or injury; 

•  Organisational outplacement services; 

•  Partnership with schools to equip students with skills and confidence to apply for their first jobs; and 

•  Other human resources or affiliated support. 

Simone holds membership with the following industry associations:

• Australian Human Resource Institute AHRI

• Career Development Association of Australia CDAA

• Veterans Community Business Chamber VCBC

• National Rural Women's Coalition NWRC

• Writing NSW 


By engaging in services provided by Simone Maree Career Consulting, clients acknowledge that:

  • Consultations are advisory only. No responsibility is taken for the outcome of advice provided. For example, not being successful in a job application.

  • The service supplier does not share client’s personal information, or use it for purposes other than the career planning activities requested by that client, i.e. resumes, cover letters.

  • Any matters that are of concern for clients, must be communicated with the service provider at the time of consult.

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