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How leaving your job can send a positive message

Many of today’s workplaces still have their century-old ‘blinkers’ on. Education standards, access to information, and the societal perception of personal and professional success have all reached new demands (like having to own 2359 pairs of bikinis to be an insta influencer these days.. jks it’s 2360). We need to change the perception that the problem is always us - the workers. In fact, employees who resign can often be the ones who actually care for the organisation they resigned from the most. Not making sense? Allow me to explain.

Gone are the days where every. single. worker. just rocks up for the pay-check. How about those trying to balance family lives? Or studying additional qualifications? Or itching for higher responsibilities? Or planning to launch their own business?

It is normal *gasp!* for people to leave their job if it doesn’t align with their needs. It is ultimately up to the organisation to take their blinkers off, smell the roses, and address why they are losing their best and brightest. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for seeking out your best life! Hell, it may even convince your family and friends to follow suit!

If you are unsure how to pinpoint your values, book in for a guided consult with Simone ($40 session).

Much love, Simone xx

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