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The art of human relations

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It happens in a flash, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever;

It is the daylight to the discouraged; It is nature’s best antidote to trouble; It cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen; It is a smile.

I was introduced to the concept of Human Relations when I was 13 years old. Being my first job, my boss explained the importance of smiling at customers, explaining that; “you never know what kind of day someone might be having.. someone could’ve lost a close family member or pet, or just been diagnosed with an illness”. Over a decade later, that lesson still resonates with me strongly.

Have you ever been in a waiting room full of people, who aren’t talking to each other and look sad? Be that person who walks in with a smile on your face and see what happens. Conversations strike up, tension subsides and we all feel a little more human.

The power of a smile is no new discovery. Dale Carnegie wrote about the way to make a first good impression back in ’36 (Yes, 1936). We are all told to ‘smile’ in our job interviews, but what changes when the people interviewing us smile back? Here’s one example: A manager was desperately trying to recruit for his business. After finally finding the ‘perfect’ candidate, he discovered that the applicant had been offered several jobs elsewhere. So, the manager was naturally delighted with he accepted the offer, and asked, ‘why did you choose us over the others?’, and this was the employee’s response:

“The managers at the other businesses spoke on the phone in a cold, business-like manner, which made me feel like another business transaction. Your voice sounded as if you were smiling; glad to hear from me.. that you wanted me to be a part of your organisation”

May we continue to let fly the power of a smile ☻

September 12 is R U OK Day

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